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Rivers Unstrut-Werra Cycle Trail

Höhe und Position

From one river to another

This cycle trail is 113 kilometres long and links the rivers Unstrut and Werra. The starting-point is the old salt town of Artern (district of Schönfeld). At the cyclists' bridge, the Unstrut-Werra cycle trail has a direct link to the Unstrut and Kyffhäuser cycle trail.

Emperor Barbarossa and Thomas Müntzer

The trail takes you through the spa town of Bad Frankenhausen (tip: detour to the Panorama Museum with the monumental painting by Prof. Tübke) via Rottleben (tip: detour to Barbarossa Cave and Bendeleben Orangery) to Sondershausen, a town of music and mountains, with the oldest accessible potassium mine in the world. Passing the Possen leisure and recreation park, which is worth a detour, you come via Ebeleben (attractive castle gardens) to Mühlhausen, a time-honoured and formerly imperial town with St Mary’s Church and a Thomas Müntzer memorial. Johann Sebastian Bach was the organist at the Divi Blasii Church.
From here, you continue via Oberdorla – near to which are the geographical centre of Germany and a so-called “sacrificial marsh”, a place of worship dating back to the days of early history – to Langula. Through Langula Valley, the trail runs to the Heyerode "Old Railway Station" , the highest point on the trail. From Diedorf, you come to the Normannstein castle ruins near Treffurt and to Heldra (Hesse). Here the Rivers Unstrut-Werra cycle trail connects to the Werra Valley Cycle Trail.

Cycle bus with free transportation of bikes

From Treffurt, a cycle bus with free transportation of bikes runs daily to the railway stations in Eisenach and Eschwege.
The Rivers Unstrut-Werra Cycle Trail runs on a former railway embankment and has few ascents.
The trail has alternating paving and asphalt and is suitable for families, nature lovers and touring cyclists.


Route data

  • Total length: 113 km
  • Length in Thuringia: 112 km
  • Departure point in Thuringia: Artern OT Schönfeld
  • Destination point in Thuringia: Diedorf
  • Difference in altitude: 121 to 427 m above sea level
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy to medium