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Town fairs and market festivals in Thuringia

Town fairs in Erfurt

  • Merchants’ Bridge Festival in Erfurt
  • Thuringia's biggest town fair is an entertaining mixture of musical events and culinary delights, celebrated in one of Germany's biggest historical city centres in the middle of June
    (16th-18th June 2017)
  • Festival of Lights in Erfurt
    Erfurt's egapark garden exhibition is festively illuminated for this annual festival event in August (11th - 12th August 2017)
  • Wine Festival in Erfurt
    Every year in August/September, winegrowers from all over Germany present their wines in the romantic ambience of Erfurt's old town. (September 2017)

Town fairs in Weimar

  • Weimar Wine Festival
    an annual celebration around the birthday of German national poet J. W. Goethe in August
    (25th - 27th August 2017)
  • Weimar Onion Market
    This traditional festival mixing music with traditional culinary delights of the season has been going on for more than 360 years.
    (13th-15th October 2017)

Town fairs in East Thuringia

  • Dornburg Festival of Roses
    annually in June in the little town of Dornburg with its three romantice palaces
    (24th - 25th, 2017)
  • Köstritz Dahlia Festival
    Traditionally held at the first September weekend including the election of the Dahlia Queen and a colourful musical programme
    (1st-3rd September, 2017)
  • Old Town Festival Jena
    a mixture of music and other entertainment in the 'City of Lights'
    (15th-24th September, 2017)

Town fairs in Gotha

  • Gothardusfest
    Town fair with historical parade, traditional crafts market and a lot of musical events
    (5th - 7th May, 2017)
  • Baroque Festival
    Biggest baroque festival of Central Germany, with a complete baroque ambience in the magnificent Friedenstein Castle complex in Gotha
    (26th - 27th August, 2017)


Town fairs in Eisenach

  • Sommergewinn Eisenach
    tradtional annual spring festival in March including festive parade through the historical town centre.
    (25th March, 2017)

Town fairs in North Thuringia

  • Spring Festival Mühlhausen
    celebrating the beginning of spring for a whole week (15th April-23rd May, 2017)
  • Roland Festival Nordhausen
  • Three days of entertainement and party atmosphere in Nordhausen at the Harz mountains
    (16 -18 June, 2017)
  • Mühlhausen Town Fair
    traditional town fair in the former Free Imperial Town of Mühlhausen
    (25th August-3rd September, 2017)

Town fairs in Saalfeld and Rudolstadt

  • Fairy Festival in Saalfeld
    a festival for the whole family with fairies, elfs, trolls and goblins ... (24th - 25th June, 2017)
  • Rudolstadt Bird Shooting fair
    Thuringia's biggest town fair with a tradition going back more than 300 years and a colourful entertainment programme
    (18th-27th August 2017)

Town fairs in Schmalkalden and Meiningen

  • Hütes Festival in Meiningen
    a traditional town festival focussing around the Thuringian dumpling, which is called 'Hütes' in the local dialect (Juni 2017)
  • "Hirschessen" Old Town Festival in Schmalkalden
    traditional festival in the town known for its beautiful timber-framed houses (August 2017)