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Town fairs and market festivals in Thuringia

Town fairs in Erfurt

  • Merchants’ Bridge Festival in Erfurt
    Thuringia's biggest town fair is an entertaining mixture of musical events and culinary delights, celebrated in one of Germany's biggest historical city centres in the middle of June (19 - 21 June 2020)
  • Festival of Lights in Erfurt
    Erfurt's egapark garden exhibition is festively illuminated for this annual festival event in August (14 and 15 August 2019)
  • Wine Festival in Erfurt
    Every year in August/September, winegrowers from all over Germany present their wines in the romantic ambience of Erfurt's old town. (5 - 8 September 2019)

Town fairs in Weimar

  • Weimar Wine Festival
    an annual celebration around the birthday of German national poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe
    (29 August - 1 September 2019)
  • Weimar Onion Market
    This traditional festival mixing music with traditional culinary delights of the season has been going on for more than 360 years. (11 - 13 October 2019; 9 - 11 October 2020)

Town fairs in East Thuringia

  • Dornburg Festival of Roses
    annually in June in the little town of Dornburg with its three romantice palaces (27 and 28 June 2020)
  • Köstritz Dahlia Festival
    Traditionally held at the first September weekend including the election of the Dahlia Queen and a colourful musical programme (6 - 8 September 2019)
  • Old Town Festival Jena
    a mixture of music and other entertainment in the 'City of Lights' (13 - 22 September, 2019)

Town fairs in Gotha

  • Gothardusfest
    Town fair with historical parade, traditional crafts market and a lot of musical events
    (1 - 3 May 2020)
  • Baroque Festival
    Biggest baroque festival of Central Germany, with a complete baroque ambience in the magnificent Friedenstein Castle complex in Gotha
    (24 and 25 August 2019; 29 - 30 August 2020)


Town fairs in Eisenach

  • Sommergewinn Eisenach
    tradtional annual spring festival in March including festive parade through the historical town centre.
    (20 - 22 March 2020)

Town fairs in North Thuringia

  • Spring Festival Mühlhausen
    celebrating the beginning of spring for a whole week (11 - 19 April 2020)
  • Roland Festival Nordhausen
    Three days of entertainement and party atmosphere in Nordhausen at the Harz mountains
    (5 - 7 June 2020)
  • Mühlhausen Town Fair
    traditional town fair in the former Free Imperial Town of Mühlhausen
    (29 August - 7 September, 2019; 28 August - 6 September 2020)

Town fairs in Saalfeld and Rudolstadt

  • Fairy Festival in Saalfeld
    a festival for the whole family with fairies, elfs, trolls and goblins ... (27 and 28 June 2020)
  • Rudolstadt Bird Shooting fair
    Thuringia's biggest town fair with a tradition going back more than 300 years and a colourful entertainment programme (16 - 25 August 2019; 21 - 30 August 2020)

Town fairs in Schmalkalden and Meiningen

  • Hütes Festival in Meiningen
    a traditional town festival focussing around the Thuringian dumpling, which is called 'Hütes' in the local dialect (3 - 5 July 2020)
  • "Hirschessen" Old Town Festival in Schmalkalden
    traditional festival going back to 1379 with tasty variations of game dishes and musical entertainment (22 - 25 August 2019)


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