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Thuringia's Top 4

Haven't got much time on your trip in Thuringia? There are some places that you shouldn't miss. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Wartburg castle and experience its significant history, become a true adventurer on the Rennsteig hiking trail crossing the Thuringian Forest, enjoy a stroll through the region's capital Erfurt or satisfy your cultural desires in the city of classic Weimar. 

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Find many unique boutiques, delis and craft shops on one of the most iconic attractions in Erfurt: the Merchants' Bridge. 

Rennsteig trail

It is the oldest long-distance hiking trail of German and leads through the magificent landscapes of the Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian Slate Mountains. 


Weimar unites two UNESCO Heritage ensembles: Classic Weimar and Bauhaus in Weimar. One of the sites: Park and Palace Belvedere.

Wartburg Castle

It is not only the epitome of a fortress but bears witness to great German and global history.


Erfurt: Awake your Curiosity

Merchants' bridge, Cathedral, Old Synagogue - the Thuringian capital Erfurt offers many cultural treasures. And a hip, young student athmosphere. 

Proud bourgeois houses form one of the most beautiful historic town centres of Europe - including the neo-Gothic town hall from the 1870s at the Fischmarkt square and the union of St Mary Cathedral and St Severus Church, mentioned first in 1117. On the 70 cascading steps up to both sacral buildings young and old like to relax in the evening sun. 

Erfurt is full of vibrant life. So just start your wander and see where your curiosity takes you. 

The Rennsteig Trail: Its all about the Journey

The Rennsteig trail is the oldest and most well-known long-distance way in Germany. It forms the backbone of the Thuringian Forest - is both cult and myth. 

The mix of conifer and broadleaf forest, prosperous upland meadows and distinctive views makes hiking this trail a truly unique experience. The Rennsteig trail is as diverse as life: At one point, it is soft and rolling, following beaten tracks. Then suddenly you are in for a surprise: with steep inclines and narrow turns. In the end, the hike is worth it. Nature lovers are rewarded with amazing views in unspoilt Nature.

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Weimar: A Passion for Culture

Weimar ows its highly praised reputation refering culture, art and modernism to many great historical figures, who chose the town as their home. 

Among many others, this includes the geniuses of the German classical period Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, musical master minds Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Liszt and several avant-gardists of the Bauhaus. Many attractions from distinct epochs witness this great history. 


Get to know more about Weimar and become a true Weimar-connoisseurs. 

Wartburg Castle: Truly Fascinating

The world-famous, more than 900-year old Wartburg Castle towers over Eisenach and is visible from afar. Legend says that Ludwig the Jumper announced the creation of Wartburg Castle with the following words: "Wart! Berg, du sollst mir eine Burg werden!" (Wait! Mountain, you shall become a fortress!)

It is not only the epitome of a fortress but bears witness to German history. Wartburg Castle reflects the the courtly art of the Middle Ages. Saint Elisabeth lived and worked here. Martin Luther translated the New Testament here. Richard Wagner was so inspired by simply the view of the castle that he decided to set his famous opera 'Tannhäuser' in Wartburg castle, exploring legends and myths of the location in this masterpiece. The great acoustics in the ceremonial hall were created by none other than the former Weimar court music conductor Franz Liszt. 

All these single events of history add up to an incredible charm that makes Wartburg a true one of a kind attraction worldwide. 

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