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The Bauhaus

In 1919, the State Bauhaus, the most important school of art of the early 20th century, opened in Weimar. Following the changes after the First World War, people were open for new ideas - the Weimar Republic as of 1919 was the first democracy in Germany. Representing a centre of new ideas and experiments, the Bauhaus was the cradle of modern design. Numerous models became classics and can be found in the same or a similar form in our homes today. The artists were concerned with a revolution of everyday life, with co-operation in society. They searched for Utopias and worked on an interdisciplinary basis. The Bauhaus later moved to Dessau and Berlin and many artists emigrated in the face of the Nazi dictatorship - but it was in Weimar that it all started!  Dip into a world of creativity and inspiration and you will find that the spirit of the Bauhaus is still alive!