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St. Martini - Protestant parish church and today a youth church

History of the church:

New building in recent years has almost completely eliminated the historic settlement structure around St. Martini. The settlement around the home of a noble family on the southern arterial road is assumed to have grown up around the 8th or 9th century. This is also indicated by the typically Carolingian dedication of the church to St. Martin. The church is not mentioned in records until 1358 in an indulgence in favour of its reconstruction. The small hall-type church without a choir was extended by addition of a choir and construction of a tower when it was taken over by the Order of Teutonic Knights in 1364. The chapel on the ground floor of the tower can only be entered from outside the church. It is decorated with paintings dating from the 2nd half of the 15th century. The tower's half-timbered upper section was built in 1735 and the pointed-arch wooden drum was added in 1870. The altar picture is the work of the Mühlhausen painter Karl Gottfried Pfannschmidt (1819 - 1887) and is the only work he did for his home town.

Youth church:

Youth services have been held in Mühlhausen for many years now but they have become more focussed since November 2007. Thanks to a utilisation agreement with the parish of St. Martini, a youth church has been opened. The young people were themselves the initiators and their regular services had become a fixed element in the Mühlhausen parish. Soon there was discussion of whether it would be possible for the young people to use this church. Together with architects, ministers and youth officers, the young people worked out ideas for implementation and for the targets of the Mühlhausen Youth Church.
The St. Martini Youth Church Project aims to create space for encounters, education, art and faith for the young generation in Mühlhausen. Another target of our work is for the young people to learn to discover and understand their history and traditions as the basis and source of strength for their future life. We aim to support them so that they recognise their responsibility in society and actively contribute to our common future. For the content of the work of the Youth Church, we have prepared a draft for projects, seminars, workshops and church services and see our work as an addition to the network of youth work and schools.

Opening hours

The church can be viewed by appointment.

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Contact information

St. Martini

August-Bebel-Straße 66
99974 Mühlhausen

Telephone: +49 (0) 176 6461 4205

Contact: Herr Mario Lukkari

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