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Belvedere Palace Gardens

Two kilometres to the south of Weimar are the 43-hectare Belvedere Palace Gardens. Between 1728 and 1748, during the reign of Duke Ernst August, a summer palace and a park with Baroque gardens, a star-shaped zoo directly behind the castle and an orangery were built. Since 1821, the Red Tower has directly adjoined the so-called Long House in the flower garden. From 1806 to 1853/59, Belvedere Palace served as the summer residence of the Hereditary Grand Duke Carl Friedrich and his wife Maria Pavlovna. By the mid-19th century, in about 1850, the present design of the park, as a post-Classical, romantic countryside park with decorative sitting areas, water and cave systems, sentimental monuments and architectural ruins, was completed. The Baroque origins of the building ensembles are still apparent.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Palace Gardens with the palace and orangery are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled "Classic Weimar", which, as unique testimony to the cultural epoch of Weimar Classic, reflects the outstanding role of Weimar as an intellectual centre in the late 18th and early 19th century.

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Opening hours

The park can be visited all year round.

Regular guided tour of the park
1st April - 31st October

Sunday 11 a.m. - 12 noon


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