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SaaleHorizontale Panorama Trail

Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland


This Thuringian hiking trail is quality-tested!

The SaaleHorizontale Panorama Trail provides 70 kilometres of pure hiking pleasure. It runs on narrow tracks through steep shell limestone slopes and, despite being close to the town, offers spectacular views of the charming Saale valley landscape. Scattered clumps of pines and free valley slopes repeatedly permit a view of villages, castles and palaces and the tradition-rich university town of Jena.



Jena - Lobeda East - Ziegenhain - Beutnitz - Tautenberg - Dorndorf - Dornburg - historic battlefields of Napoleonic War - Jena


Route information

  • Starting point: Jena-Lobeda East
  • Destination: Jena
  • Length: 71 km
  • Sign: blue S and orange H on white background

Fact Sheet

Short facts about the Saale Horizontale panorama trail.