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On the tracks of Richard Wagner

While Goethe and Schiller created the “Golden Era” for Weimar, Franz Liszt wanted a “Silver Era” to follow with Richard Wagner. Even a site for a festival hall, as was ultimately built in Bayreuth in Franconia, had already been selected. It was primarily during the first half of his life that Wagner was associated with Thuringia.

Traditional visitor attractions¸ such as Weimar, Eisenach or Meiningen, but also many other Thuringian towns, demonstrate their affiliation with Richard Wagner by staging operas, concerts, plays and exhibitions in theatres, concert halls, castles and fortresses.

The Weimar Art Fest, which has been run by Nike Wagner, the Master’s greatgranddaughter, since 2004, is one annual highlight, together with, for example, the “Tannhäuser” performances at the legendary Wartburg Fortress.