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The Rennsteig Trail is Germany's most well-known and most popular ridge hiking trail, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It is seen as the oldest and hitherto most walked long-distance trail in Germany. It runs through the Thuringian Forest, the Franconian Forest and the Thuringian Schiefergebirge Mountains. The Rennsteig Trail is ideal for walking, cycling and skiing in winter.

The legend about the Rennsteig Trail says: "The true walking enthusiast takes a stone from the river Werra at the start of the Rennsteig, carries it in his pocket to the the river Saale at the end and throws it into the water there."


Route information

  • Starting point: Hörschel
  • Destination: Blankenstein
  • Altitude: 196 - 942 m above sea level
  • Degree of difficulty: mittel
  • Length: 168 km
  • Barrier-free: nie
  • Suitable for prams: nie
  • Sign: white R