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Van de Velde Building, Bauhaus University in Weimar

The  Henry van de Velde Building is one of the major turn-of-the-century art school buildings and was the location of the founding of the State Bauhaus in 1919, of which traces can still be found today in wall paintings, reliefs and the reconstructed Gropius Room.

The building was built from 1905 to 1906 for the "Grand Ducal Saxon School of Arts and Crafts Weimar" in line with Henry van de Velde's plans and was used by the "State Bauhaus in Weimar" between 1919 and 1925. Today it is the home of the Faculty of Art and Design and a teaching venue of the Weimar Bauhaus University.

Of interest inside the building are the unusual lighting of the central staircase with wide winding stairs and the three reconstructed wall paintings by Oskar Schlemmer, which he created for the Bauhaus Exhibition in 1923.


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Henry-van-de-Velde Bau

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7
99423 Weimar

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