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Inspiring Wartburg Castle

Richard Wagner caught sight of Wartburg Castle in 1842, when he travelled through Thuringia and Eisenach. The view was so inspiring that he chose the castle as setting for his opera “Tannhäuser and the Minnesingers' Contest at Wartburg". After Bayreuth the city of Eisenach owns the second largest Richard Wagner collection in the world. It is preserved and displayed in the Reuter-Wagner-Museum.

“Tannhäuser” is not the only music playing in Wartburg Castle. Come along for a discovery journey!

Richard Wagner and his "Tannhäuser"

There is not a single place as atmospheric as the original venue if you want to see Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser”. Wagner often stayed in Thuringia: he drew inspiration from Wartburg Castle, stayed with the royal family in Meiningen, and in 1849 he received a fake passport in Jena, when he was on his flight to Zürich. Wagner married Cosima, Franz Liszts daughter.

Brilliant: Richard Wagners "Tannhäuser" performed in the ceremonial hall of Wartburg Castle.

Liszt was a great supporter of Wagner. After the audiences’ ambivalent reactions to the premiere of Tannhäuser in Dresden 1845, Liszt performed his revised version in Weimar in 1849. It was a huge success.

Wartburg Castle is a stage

All year-round Wartburg Castle and its ceremonial hall invites for all kind of events and concerts. The trumpet player Otto Sauter was as inspired by Wartburg Castle as Richard Wagner once was. Therefore he initiated the Wartburg-Festival in 2014 which includes many concerts every year. During the Christmas period the castle turns into a one of a kind atmosphere with festive music in the palas.

Festive sounds behind old walls

Bone-chilling cold, warm lights, the smell of mulled wine and gentle sounds. During the Christmas period you will experience this enchanted place with all senses: the 900-year-old Wartburg Castle within the Thuringian Forest.


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More about Wartburg Castle

Chapel Orchestra Meiningen

Wagner often employed Meininger musicians for the Beyreuth Festival. Nowadays, the Meiningen state theatre and the chapel orchestra Meiningen perform Wagners “Tannhäuser” at Wartburg castle. More about the chapel orchestra Meiningen