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House of Escape

Mühlhausen's first Escape Room awaits you !

A Live Escape Game is a very special leisure activity, offering entertainment and calling for a keen intellect, power of deduction and team play. You will be locked for 60 minutes in lovingly furnished, theme-related rooms, from which you have to find the way out by solving tricky riddles, by dexterity and by skilful team interplay. Not everyone comes out in time! Would you like to take up this challenge?
Between two and six players can form a team. The minimum age is 14 years. Children aged 10 or over are welcome if accompanied by adults. You can also bring your dog if it is house-trained.

Our story:
A mysterious criminal case in 1968, still unsolved today

When investigated 50 years ago, the inexplicable death of Muhlhausen photographer K. Römer led to the insanity of the detectives involved. The photographer's home was closed because further cases were feared. According to current findings, the rooms can be entered today for a maximum of 60 minutes without risk. However, a longer stay can be very dangerous, so use these 60 minutes to explain the photographer's mysterious death!


  • Language: German



Contact information

House of Escape

Steinweg 35a
99974 Mühlhausen

Telephone: +49 (0) 170 2959 544

Contact: Daniela Hein

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