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Hotel Lengefelder Warte

The “Lengefelder Warte”, which is surrounded by a picturesque landscape, is located in the north of the city of Mühlhausen. The traditional restaurant is now being run by the fourth generation of the Sander family, which focuses on providing excellent hospitality, culinary diversity and top quality.

As the only watchtower far and wide, the landmark of the “Lengefelder Warte” restaurant and hotel can be seen from afar and is located directly next to the Mühlhäuser Landgraben ditch surrounding the city. The building that houses the restaurant, the “Roter Salon” parlour and the fireplace lounge is neighboured by an idyllic beer garden under a canopy of large trees, a garden terrace and the “Schwarze Hose” ballroom, which is a popular venue for all kinds of celebrations.

One of the main elements of the restaurant’s philosophy is to only use the best local products and to combine them with influences from all over the globe to produce delicious dishes. When creating its meals, it also focuses on using regional produce, for example goat’s cheese from the Hofkäserei Burgmühle cheese dairy in the village of Haina, trout and char from the village of Dingelstedt and well-matured fillet of beef from the Gut Sambach farm. The restaurant’s aromatic herbs are even grown in a bed directly behind the building.



Hotel Lengefelder Warte

Lengefelder Warte 1
99976 Anrode

+49 36023 50206

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