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At the eastern edge of the Drei-Gleichen (three castles) region, you will find the village of Holzhausen, at the foot of Wachsenburg castle. The history of this village, first mentioned in records in 786, is closely connected to that of the castle, which was the seat of different feudal lords and the scene of numerous local disputes. Today you can visit the historic well house and the Hohelohe tower. From the tower of the castle, which is 421 metres above sea-level, you can enjoy a superb panoramic view over the Thuringian Kernland and the foothills of the Thuringian Forest. Holzhausen is proud of its beautiful and well-kept timber-framed houses and its church. Well signposted hiking trails run throughout the area. One of them is dedicated to the painter and graphic artist Otto Knöpfer, who spent his childhood in Holzhausen. On walks through the hilly countryside, you will note the exceptional diversity of the flora of this region.



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Arnstädter Straße 97
99310 Wachsenburggemeinde Holzhausen

Telephone: +49 (0) 3628 78157
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