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Haus Auerbach

Walter Gropius, the Director of the Bauhaus, built his first private home in the New Building style for the physicist and art patron Dr. Felix Auerbach in 1924. The Auerbach House is one of the major testimonies to the beginnings of the Bauhaus. Its most important style elements are its elementary geometry, purist shapes, flat, partially walkable roofs, horizontal ribbon windows and a fully glazed conservatory.

Together with a room layout planned on a functional basis, details like wall cupboards and metal windows in the conservatory reflect the modernism of the building. In architectural history terms, this home, which was carefully restored in 1994-5, can be placed in Gropius' work between the designs of the "Am Horn" model house in Weimar and the master houses in Dessau. It still serves as a private home today and is newly resplendent in 37 pastel shades.

Opening hours

Private home. No viewing of interior possible.


  • Language: German



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Haus Auerbach

Schaefferstraße 9
07743 Jena

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