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Gräfenroda is situated in the valley of the Wild Gera, at the north-eastern slopes of the Thuringian Forest, surrounded by forests and mountains. First mentioned in chronicles as Grevenrot a clearing in the county forests, it dates back to 1290. The community has some 3750 inhabitants and it extends about 5 km in a south-west and north-east direction towards the community of Dörrberg. Within only 10km you will rise to an altitude of 500m, making Gräfenroda a spectacular step into the central Thuringian Forest and an interesting vacation base. The valley contains many geological formations, which render the slopes around Gräfenroda a delightful environment for rare plants and flowers. The Burglehne Nature Trail offers the opportunity to discover many of these protected rare plants from early spring to late autumn. Gräfenroda is the town where the production of garden gnomes first started, it has also long been and still is an important glass blowing centre. The sights include the St. Laurentius Church built in 1731 with a 16th century winged altar and monument to Forester Winter, the Gundermann house built in 1685, the Alte Burg castle ruins known as the robber castle, the grave of Forester Brückner, the Flössgraben a technical monument to early industry, the Bärenstein and also the Wilde Gera viaduct, the longest motorway bridge in Germany. The fine inns of the area have a reputation for excellent Thuringian cuisine and are well worth a visit.

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Fremdenverkehrsverein Gräfenroda e.V.

Bahnhofstraße 1
99330 Gräfenroda

Telephone: +49 (0) 36205 76273
Fax: +49 (0) 36205 76330

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