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Festivals in Thuringia


  • Thuringian Bach Weeks
    Festival period in Thuringia's Bach places including Eisenach, Erfurt, Weimar, Arnstadt and others and a great variety of different concerts. Annually held in March/April, around the birthday of composer J.S.Bach, a son of Thuringia (7th April - 1st May, 2017)


  • Concert season at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach
    annual concert series in connection with the MDR Music Summer and Deutschlandradio Kultur (Mai - October)
  • Liszt Biennale
    biannual event celebrating the composer Franz Liszt in various Thuringian towns including Weimar, Eisenach and Meiningen (31 May - 5th June, 2017)


  • Thuringian Palace Festival in Sondershause
    opera, operetta or musical performances in the romantic inner courtyard of Sondershausen Palace (16th June - 8th July, 2017 - 'Zar und Zimmermann')
  • New Orleans Festival in Erfurt
    top-class envent for the fans of jazz (16th - 18th June, 2017)
  • Ekhof-Festival at Friedenstein Castle in Gotha
    performances in the magnificent baroque palace theatre from the late 1600s (30th June - 27th August, 2017)


  • TFF Rudolstadt
    international festival of folk and world music - the biggest of its kind in Germany (6th - 9th July, 2017)


  • Cathedral Steps Festival in Erfurt
    open-air festival against the breath-taking backdrop of ERfurt Cathedral (10th - 27th August, 2017; 'Il Trovatore')
  • Weimar Bach Academy
    a meeting of international Bach musicians in Weimar, Erfurt and Eisenach, including concerts for the public (6th - 19th August, 2017)
  • SonneMondSterne - Open-Air
    a spectacular open-air festival in Saalburg with international stars of the electronic music scene (11th - 13th August, 2017)
  • ACHAVA Festival in Erfurt
    a mixture of concerts, exhibitions and public discussion events focussing on Jewish culture (31st August - 10th September, 2017)