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Fantastic: young music scene

Casual vibes and hip sounds – Thuringia does not only do classics! There are many modern music highlights in trendy hotspots for the younger audience. Especially the summer months treasure up amazing outdoor events in the whole of Thuringia.

Kutlurarena I Jena

The festival with concerts, theatre and cinema has got a long tradition in the “city of science” of Jena. Stars and newcomers show their best and ensure exciting musical and cultural encounters. Jena’s big open-air spectacle starts with a four-day theatre event, followed by concerts, films and events for children.

Photo: Christoph Worsch, JenaKultur

GRASGRÜN Summer Festival I Meiningen

Since 2012, artists from 18 countries have been performing under the grass-green label in Meiningen. Among them, fine-sounding names like Rebekka Bakken, Maria João, Til Brönner, Otros Aires, De Phazz, Vincent Peirani and others.

Photo: Erhard Driesel, Stadt Meiningen

SonneMondSterne I Saalburg-Ebersdorf

Every year on the 2nd weekend of August the SonneMondSterne Festival takes place at the river dam Bleichloch near Saalburg-Ebersdorf. It is one of the largest open-air festivals of electronic dance music in Europe, with occasional rock and pop appearances.

Photo: Tony Guenther, Visionauts

Rudolstadt-Festival I Rudolstadt

The largest folk-roots festival in Germany has got more than 20 stages in the Rudolstadt town center. In addition to musicians from all over the world, various programme specials make the festival a fantastic event.

Photo: Michael Pohl, TFF Rudolstadt

The vision of an artist network

The young music scene can be found everywhere in Thuringia: On hot days party-goers meet on local festivals or enjoy spontaneous concerts in the streets of Thuringian cities. With numerous highlights it is not hard to find something for every taste in music.

In Thuringia creative minds come upon the perfect place for their artistic work. Like in the “Zughafen Erfurt”: Few years back, it was only an empty office building; now it turned into a open space network for artists, organisations and projects leaders with the head quarter in the old goods yard Erfurt. It all started with several music studios and a small team around the local musician Clueso. In recent years the Zughafen developed into a centre for creatives. The location was instaurated on own account – floor to floor, room to room. The positive energy pouring from the venue is noticeable for all visitors.

Jazz sounds from Thuringia

Dixieland, Jam-Session and Crossover: Jazz plays an important role in Thuringia. Annual event highlight is the “Jazzmeile Thüringen” with more than 20.000 visitors and over 300 events in the whole destination. The successful programme consists of workshops for young jazzers, but also concerts with modern jazz styles and musicians from all over the world. The Jazzmeile takes place from around the beginning of October until the first weeks of November. The history of jazz in Thuringia dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The Bauhaus band, a musical ensemble of the former students of the Bauhaus School of Design in Weimar, already played jazz 90 years ago – and introduced the American music genre into the local society. Ever since then, more and more jazz clubs as well as jazz festivals popped up all around in Thuringia. One of the most famous ones in Eisenach. The Jazzclub International is located in one of the oldest houses of the town and just around the corner of the Bach House.

Travel idea for Jazz in Thuringia

Lippmann & Rau Jazzarchive in Eisenach

The archive documents the world-wide history of jazz and pop music. Visitors can explore a collection of more than 100.000 records, books, photographs, programmes and musical instruments. Furthermore, manuscripts for radio programmes and letters are being displayed – open for all visitors after registration.

Take the music to the streets

It’s all about fun and musical encounters. Le Fête de la Musique is a French tradition that nowadays takes place in more than 500 cities world-wide – all on the same day, the 21st of June (midsummer) every year. It is a day that allows the immediate connection with various music genres and meeting new audience. In Thuringia, many cities like Jena, Gera and Erfurt also celebrate this musical day.

Bands, musicians and young music students play their music for free in the alleys and squares of their towns. The music plays until the dark evening hours. Local and national musician play side by side, famous next to Newcomer.


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