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German National Theatre Weimar

The German National Theatre (DNT) is one of Germany's most historic theatres and is the home of both an outstanding drama and musical theatre company and the Weimar Staatskapelle, one of Germany's oldest ensembles - and Thuringia's only A orchestra.       

During the course of its chequered past, the theatre has repeatedly been the focal point of artistic and political developments, between avant-garde and tradition, humanist ideals and their betrayal for propanda purposes, the need to economise and a desire for self-assertion.

In 2008, the German National Theatre and the Staatskapelle became the Thuringian State Theatre. A wide repertoire of classic and modern works, in the field of both drama and musical theatre, and concerts with prestigious performers enrich the cultural events calendar of this town of Classicism.

More than 650 events are held every year at the different venues, namely the Grosse Haus, Foyer, Studio Stage, E-Werk and Weimarhalle. An ongoing contemporary approach to German Classicism is equally as important as the development and first performance of new plays and operas. What is more, in a series entitled "Musical Theatre of the Twenties", the musical theatre presents during every season a revival of a musical work dating from the 1920s which has disappeared from repertoires. The German National Theatre also aims to establish a dialogue with the town and an approach to the major themes and the history of Weimar by repeatedly presenting sociopolitical and historically motivated projects, such as the first performance of "ABOUT THE NOISE OF THE WORLD or the Revelation of Thomas Münzer" or the tavern-based musical comedy "Black Bear or the Invention of the Republic!".  With a very varied theatre, concert and educational programme for children and teenagers, the German National Theatre and the Staatskapelle also actively fulfil their responsibility to introduce children and teenagers to art and theatre and their sociopolitical force, offering them a wealth of opportunities to test their skills.


857 (Grosse Haus); 80 (studio stage in Grosse Haus); 933 (Weimarhalle, Unesco-Platz 1); 180 (e-werk subsidiary venue, Am Kirschberg 4).

Opening hours

 Visitors' Service:  

Mon to Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

 Theatre Ticket Office:

Mon: 2 - 6 p.m.

Tues to Sat: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sun: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Detailed information

  • Own company
  • Guest performances
  • Concert
  • Musical theatre
  • Plays


  • Language: German
  • For children and families:

    Extensive programme for children and teenagers (Young DNT), educational theatre and concert programmes


Restricted access for wheelchair users Personnel lift available Toilet with restricted access for wheelchair users Assistance for persons hard of hearing Special and personal assistance resources for the disabled

The stalls are accessible for wheelchair users via a stair lift on the right side of the building (bell); operation by staff. We regret that the venues Foyer I, Foyer II and Foyer II in the Main Theatre are not suitable for wheelchair users. Induction loop in the stalls.

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Contact information

deutsches nationaltheater und staatskapelle weimar Theaterbetriebs gGmbH

Theaterplatz 2
99423 Weimar

Telephone: 3643 / 755334
Telephone: 3643 / 755-0

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