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Memorial to the victims of March 1920

Walter Gropius was the founder of the Bauhaus and one of the pioneers of the new building style in the 1920s. Sadly, not one of his designs was built in Weimar, where the Bauhaus was founded.  Only the Monument for the March Victims is to be found in replica in the Historic Cemetery.

Gropius created the monument to commemmorate the workers killed during the crushing of the radical right-wing Kapp coup in 1920. Soldiers of the German Army trying to stage the coup shot at demonstrating workers - seven of the victims were initially buried in the northern part of the Central Cemetery, then moved one year later to the monument location. The abstract concrete monument, which represents a "bolt of lightning from the grave as a symbol of the living spirit", was unveiled on May 1, 1922. The seven gravestones of the victims adjoin the lightning bolt. The monument was destroyed by the National Socialists in February 1936. It was reconstructed in a slightly different form in 1946. The first anniversary of the liberation of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp was celebrated here.


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Monument for the March Victims 1920

Am Poseckschen Garten
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