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Not only the Rudolstadt Festival enjoys an excellent reputation. In Thuringia music lovers celebrate at many internationally known festivals. The Thuringian Bach Weeks, for example, are the largest music festival in Thuringia with around 50 concerts.

The selection of classical concerts in Thuringia is great: enjoy the popular classical concerts of the MDR Musiksommer or opt for the Altenburg Music Festival. The festival series Güldener Herbst, the Weimar Master Classes, the Thuringian Organ Summer, the ACHAVA Festival and the DomStufen Festival – they all invite to sit back and savour the moment.

Don’t miss our concerts and festivals featuring modern music such as the SonneMondSterne Festival at the river dam Bleiloch or the Kultur Arena in Jena with internationally renowned celebrities.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Thuringian Bach Weeks 2020

03.April - 26. April 2020

Let's start with the biggest music festival: "We want the whole region to resound with music" says Christoph Drescher, Managing Director of the Thuringian Bach Weeks (Thüringer Bachwochen). Every Easter season the festival offers around 50 concerts in Thuringia. "It's very exciting for guests to listen to Bach’s music in authentic locations," Drescher continues.


In 2020, the festival will be dedicated to passion - in two ways. Of course, Bach's passions music will be played by excellent musicians. However, it is also about the passion that stimulated great composers and musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach.

Here are all dates and information about the Bach Weeks 2020.

A word with the festival director of the Thuringian Bachweeks

Christoph Drescher, born in 1977, is managing director and festival director of the Thüringer Bachwochen. He studied musicology and business administration. In 1999 he founded an event agency in Weimar, with which he organized concerts of different genres all over Germany. Since 2005 he has been director and festival director of the Thüringer Bachwochen.

We asked him a few questions.

Ekhof Festival

The Ekhof theatre at Friedenstein Castle in Gotha is the oldest Baroque theatre in the world that has still got original stage equipment from the 17th century. Every now and then the theatre enchants its visitors as part of the Ekhof-Festival with operas or drama productions as well as diverse concerts and readings.

Go on a journey through time to the Baroque era!

CathedralSteps Festival

The Erfurt open-air theatre (DomStufen Festspiele) is the summer event highlight of Thuringia. Then, then 70 steps to the majestic cathedral turn into a spectacular stage. Ever since 1994 the theatre of Erfurt presents a new piece every year. Visitors are wowed by the transformation of the cathedral square and the breathtaking scenery of ST. Severi Church and ST. Mary Cathedral, where Martin Luther once was ordained a priest.

Find dates of this year's programme.

ACHAVA Festival Thuringia

"Achava" is the Hebrew word for brotherhood. A name that says it all. Every year since 2015 the festival invites to a dialogue between German and Israeli culture. Taking place in September, the festival includes concerts, readings and a street fair.

Did you know that the Old Synagogue, which was only rediscovered in the 1990s, is the oldest synagogue in Europe which still is intact from its basement to the roof?

More about ACHAVA.

Thuringian Castle Festival Sondershausen

Unique scenery, great plays of music history and a special flair: Since 2006, the Thuringian Castle Festival (Thüringer Schlossfestspiele) attract visitors tp the castle yard and theater meadows in Sondershausen. Music has been playing a major role in this castle for several centuries - in his time, Franz Liszt was a regular visitor and listened to interpretations of his own music pieces.

Liszt Biennale

In 2011 were the big celebrations marking the 200th birthday of the great musician. The Liszt Biennale of Thuringia now takes place every two years ever since 2015. It celebrate his works, together with those of other great composers of all times. Impressive performances in numerous Thuringian thetres and authentic sites, such as the ballroom of Wartburg castle, the Erfurt Cathedral or the German National Theater Weimar, stand for a whole firework of cultural delights. The next Liszt Biennale will be in 2021.

Read more about Franz Liszt.

Weimarer Sommer

During the summer months Weimar, the city of Goethe and Schiller, takes culture out to the parks and streets. Under the name of "Weimar Summer", several series of music, plays and illuminating shows are combined to form a major international program.


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