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Cities and Culture

An enormous variety in the arts and cultural life awaits the visitor to the towns and cities of Thuringia. Half-timbered houses, royal palaces and sights without number are evidence of the sheer wealth of the history of this area.

This history is closely linked with the lives and works of the most important representatives of German cultural and intellectual life. Museums, theatres, exhibitions and concert halls invite you to encounters with the works of the poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, of the composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Liszt or the painters Lucas Cranach and Otto Dix.

Luther’s Wartburg, the German classics heritage and the Bauhaus in Weimar count among the protected sites of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Welcome to medieval Erfurt, to classical Weimar, to Eisenach with the mighty Wartburg Castle and to Jena, the city of the sciences.