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Explore Thuringia

Thuringia’s palaces and castles have many stories to tell. This brochures deals with some of them and gives a brief introduction into Thuringia’s strong links with the British royal heritage.

Welcome to Thuringia

Thuringia – a treasure trove right at the centre of Germany!
Learn more about: traditional cultural cities like Weimar, Erfurt or Eisenach;
magnificent castles, legendary fortresses, beautiful parks and gardens; the history and personalities of Thuringia like Luther, Bach, Goethe or Liszt; the most beautiful countryside like the Thuringian Forest or Hainich National Park and events and cultural festivals throughout the year.

Brochure, English

Holiday map

Detailed map of Thuringia (German) which contains many sights and gives a good overview of the region and its location in Germany.

Thuringia for all

On the pages of this brochure we have prepared proposals for a holiday in Thuringia: towns and regions which made accessibility a priority.

Ten good reasons to visit...

...LutherCountry. Travel in the footsteps of Martin Luther and the Reformation in Central Germany.

Faces of LutherCountry

Ideas on where to go and what to see in LutherCountry. Discover the faces of:

Reformation, cultural heritage, architecture, nature, fine arts, culinary specialties and follow the heritage of Martin Luther and your passions.

This brochure includes a supplement "Adventures in LutherCountry" with bookable tours for groups.


Weimar and Thuringia - where Bauhaus began

In 1919, the Staatliches Bauhaus was established in Weimar as the most important art school of the early 20th century. Discover Weimar and many places throughout Thuringia on the steps of Bauhaus.

Brochure, German/English

Jewish life

Discover the witnesses of Jewish life in Thuringia. The Old Synagogue in Erfurt with its precious treasure are the most famous examples and give outstanding insights to medieval Jewish culture in Germany.