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Ballenberger Feinkost

At the heart of Erfurt city centre and in close proximity to the Merchants’ Bridge (Krämerbrücke) you will find the restaurant “Ballenberger”, a true oasis of enjoyment and relaxation. The restaurant impresses visitors with its atmosphere characterised by individual design and stylish furniture and its pure dishes created using fresh seasonal ingredients.

The moment you step into the “Ballenberger”, you can’t help but be amazed by the many individual accessories that immediately make this location a very special place. Nothing here is off the shelf; every single item was carefully selected and incorporated into the restaurant for a reason. Guests can enjoy soft lounge music playing in the background as they immerse themselves in the cheerful and easygoing atmosphere of a Mediterranean summer’s day.

The restaurant follows the philosophy of giving each individual component the space that it needs. When creating her dishes, Christin Ballenberger is inspired by influences from all over the world. Sometimes she seasons them with Mediterranean herbs and at other times, African spices or Asian aromas are key ingredients. The main favorites of the kitchen, however, are regional and seasonal products. The owner of the restaurant is above all happy when her guests enjoy the variety of her menu, consciously experience the food on their plate and leave saying: “Ballenberger – tastes like love”.



Ballenberger Feinkost

Gotthardtstraße 25/26
99084 Erfurt

+49 (0)361 64456088

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