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Bad Salzungen (sole spa)

Bad Salzungen, a spa and county town, nestles in the charming valley of the River Werra, between the southern slopes of the Thuringian Forest and the hilly Rhön region. With its millenia-old brine sources, its high-oxygen air and mildly bracing bio climate, this small town offers visitors seeking relaxation and healing the best possible conditions for a successful stay.

Bad Salzungen can boast a spa tradition going back to the year 1801. Strong brine springs with a salt content between 1 to 27 per cent led to a blossoming of business and tourism. In the town itself, well-tended parks and the picturesque castle lake are ideal for leisurely strolls. The centrepiece of the spa town is the "Graduation House", one of the finest in Germany. Together with the SOLEWELT, it represents a unique ensemble for health and wellbeing.



Contact information

Tourist-Information im "Museum am Gradierwerk"

Am Flößrasen 1
36433 Bad Salzungen

Telephone: +49 (0) 3695 693420
Fax: +49 (0) 3695 693421

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