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Arnstadt is the oldest place mentioned in records in Thuringia (first mentioned in 704). So a visit to the town means a journey in time through more than 1300 years of a history brimful of sagas and legends.

Members of the musical Bach family lived in Arnstadt for several generations. The young J.S. Bach was the organist in today's Bach Church from 1703 - 1707. A great attraction of a very special kind in Arnstadt is the “Mon plaisir” doll town dating from the 18th century, which is housed in the New Palace in the Castle Museum. It presents a graphic picture of the life of a small royal town during the Baroque period.
The once very popular Eugenie John "Marlitt" was born and died here and her novels are set in Arnstadt. Fairytale writer Ludwig Bechstein spent his apprentice years in Arnstadt and dedicated some fine poems to the town.

Hiking, going on a pilgrimage, Nordic walking, cycling - no matter how you like to enjoy Nature and fresh air, innumerable cycle and hiking trails with magnificent views are waiting to be discovered. It is no accident that Arnstadt is called the Gate to the Thuringian Forest.



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