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City of Flowers Erfurt becomes BUGA-City in 2021

Erfurt has got a huge horticultural history. It all began with the cultivation and trade of woad in the Middle Ages and continued with the forming of a center of gardening by Christian Reichart in the 18th century. In 1865 the first international horticultural exhibition took place here. Further exhibitions followed. Today, local traditional companies supply professionals as well as hobby gardeners worldwide with seeds and plants.

It comes to no surprise that Erfurt was chosen to host the Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) – the National Garden Show - in 2021. On 23rd April the BUGA is opening its gates for visitors to lionise creative ideas and stroll through beautiful gardens.

From ega to BUGA

In recent years, the ega park in Erfurt already developed to one of the most popular places of recreation in the city. Everyone enjoying Nature and flowers loves the park. With its changing themed gardens and exhibitions, the park combines tradition and modernism.

In 2021 the ega park will turn into an even more colourful, glorious sea of flowers. Newly designed areas give inspiration, show new varieties and motivate to get creative at home.

Besides the ega park, other parts in and out of the city will be redesigned for the event. The Garden Show will be open on 171 days on nearly 30 locations.

360Degree as official service point of the BUGA 2021

Starting 23rd April 2020 the Thuringia Discovery World in Erfurt will be one of the official service points of the BUGA. Come in to buy your tickets and souvenirs, and get all the information you need for your perfect visit of the garden show.

Find out more about what makes Thuringia's capital Erfurt so special.


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