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10 reasons that make Thuringia the best place to discover Bauhaus

#1 Because lots of small places here have big Bauhaus stories to tell.

#2 Because this is where Bauhaus spent its boisterous years.

#3 Because it is a place where a revolution of the arts heralded the dawning of a new era.

#4 Because there will be more than 50 exhibitions, festivals and events taking place here throughout 2019 in celebration of the Bauhaus centenary.

#5 Because only here you can learn how a village church became a world-famous 'Cathedral'.

#6 Because you can sense the spirit of Bauhaus here, not just in famous buildings, but also in potteries and weaving workshops in Weimar, Dornburg and Erfurt.

#7 Because here you will encounter not only the avant-garde of yesteryear, but also the designers shaping tomorrow.

#8 Because here you can walk in the footsteps of Gropius, follow Feininger’s adventures by bike and even sleep in a Bauhaus hotel.

#9 Because in 2019 the world’s oldest collection of Gropius-approved Bauhaus artefacts will be on display here in a brand-new museum.

Photo: Foyer with Tomás Saraceno's artwork >>Sundial for Spatial Echoes<<, visualization;  Bauhaus-Museum by Heike Hanada, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

#10 Because this is the birthplace of the world’s most influential 20th century school of art and architecture.